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Omnia nightclub offers partygoers multiple levels in luxurious settings to satisfy all the senses. The main room in the club offers high-octane fun for those wanting to be in the center of the action. The heart of Omnia is less suited for the masses and more about an intimate VIP experience with its plush decor and entrancing ambiance. The outdoor terrace offers a breathtaking view of the World Famous Las Vegas Strip and gives those a breath of fresh air.


Marquee Nightclub is a venue that provides party goers multiple options. You can put yourself in the main room right in the middle of it all or comfortably off to the side but still feel like you’re a part of the action. If looking to get away from the controlled chaos? Marquee Nightclub’s two rooms the Boombox and Library will keep you satisfied and if fresh air is your thing, taking in the night under the starts is an option as well.


Combining the biggest names in the EDM world with the most over the top nightclub experience is what Hakkasan Vegas is all about. This club brings energy, excitement, and buzz to the MGM Grand. Hakkasan’s main room has two floors and an extended back room that focus everything on the DJ. Their lineup regularly includes Tiesto, Calvin Harris, Steve Aoki, and Nervo to name a few. A second completely separate room is called the Ling Ling Room has a life all it’s own and brings a different sound for those looking to have more open format music. The lighting, music, and production at Hakkasan MGM Grand is absolutely stunning, and a spot you shouldn’t miss out on.

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