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Vegas Bachelor Party Tips

Getting To Vegas


You’ll be flying to McCarran International Airport (LAS). It’s close to the strip.


If you’re from Phoenix, San Diego or Los Angeles, it’s cheaper and more efficient to drive to Las Vegas.


Stay On The Strip

We highly recommend that you stay as close to the strip as possible.

With many of the world’s nicest hotels, you should be able to find a place for the group.

Get A Suite

Depending on your group size, it’s best to get a suite.

It delivers a better experience and is something everyone can chip in for.


If you’re on a budget and or want to stay a bit off the strip, an Airbnb is a great choice.

They are affordable and well kept.

When To Travel

Vegas peak months are January & March-October. This is when the streets are busy full of tourists and when the pool parties are open.

Just be aware when booking during this time.

What you should pack

We recommend that you pack the following items. 

  • Walking Shoes
  • Flip Flops
  • Bathing Suit
  • Nice Outfit
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Jacket
  • Cash
  • Chapstick

Getting Around Vegas

Lyft & Uber – This is your best bet while in Vegas. They are cheaper than cabs, cleaner, and are convenient.

Limo – Whether its from the airport or to destinations on the strip. It’s not uncommon to travel by limo

Luxury Car Rental – Ever wanted to drive a Ferrari or Lamborghini, now is your chance. Rent out a super high end car for a day. Roll like a baller

Super Shuttle – Straight from the Airport to your hotel

The Loop – Free Shuttle Bus that takes you around the strip

Rental Car – If all your activities rely on the strip, don’t rent a car. If you plan on traveling outside Vegas, get one.

Las Vegas Monorail – This takes you to all the major hotels. You can purchase day passes which make it cheaper than Uber and Lyft if you travel a lot.

Walking – The strip is a few miles long. If you have good endurance, you should be able to walk it. Just be prepared for the desert heat.

Bike Share – Rent a bike and travel down the street. Beware, you can still get tickets for operating a bike. That includes a DUI.

Party Bus – If everyone wants to splurge, you can rent out a party bus.

Travel Insurance

Vegas can be crazy, especially during a bachelor party.

If you don’t 100% trust yourself, takeout travel insurance before you go.

Sometimes it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Nightclubs & Dayclubs

If you don’t want to wait in lines for hours, we recommend that you get expedited entry or book a table(the better deal).

Why you should book a table:

  • Cheaper
  • Place To Sit down
  • Expedited Entry
  • Feels Like a Vip
  • Special Area to relax
  • Don’t have to stand on the dance floor

On average, its $60-$80 to enter a nightclub along with drinks costing around $25 each.

With a table, you get a bottle, a place to sit, expedited entry, and feel like a VIP.

For the same cost of entering the club and a few drinks, you now have a much better experience.

Table costs depend on the location and number of guests.

If you need help, we can get you tables at the hottest clubs.

Strip Clubs & Strippers

Strip clubs are expensive.

Know how much you are going to spend before entering the establishment.

You can also skip the strip clubs and get girls sent straight to your hotel room.

Check out Party With Strippers for more information,


Tipping goes a long way in Vegas. I’m sure you’ve head or the $20 sandwich trick. But everyone in Vegas relies on tips.

This includes your hosts, drivers, and card dealers.


There are so many tips that could be put here. But to keep things simple, this is what you need to know.

  • Learn How The Games Work
  • You are supposed to lose in Vegas
  • Know When to Walk
  • Don’t bring out your phone at the table

General Tips

Open Alcohol Policy

Las Vegas has an open alcohol policy. You are allowed to walk down the street drinking as long as it’s in a plastic cup. In most cities this is illegal.

Drink Lots of water

You are in the middle of a desert. Even if you don’t feel dehydrated, you will be. Make sure to keep drinking water to stay ahead of the game.

Use sunscreen

Again, you are in the desert. The sun is beaming on you. Make sure to use sunscreen so you don’t burn.

Leave Time to Recover

You’re going to be hungover. Make sure you leave some time to recover from the nonstop partying.

Consider your budget

Make sure you know how much you are going to spend while in Vegas. You’ll typically spend 2 to 3 times what your initial budget is… so be prepared.

Text your wife or girlfriend

You don’t want her pissed when you get back from the trip

Remember the bachelor

It’s a bachelor party… Remember who should be the priority

Try to keep things under control

It’s Vegas so it’s difficult to control… But try your best to keep things under control

Keep Your Group Size Under 10

Anything more than 10, its difficult to keep track of everyone.

10 or under is a good size.

Don’t plan for every hour of the day

Your plans most likely will not stick.

Just plan a few events throughout the weekend.

Create a group chat

This is going to be the best way to communicate. You can do this through groupme, text, facebook, or any other social media platform.

Be aware of dress codes

Nightclubs, Day Clubs, and restaurants will all have dress codes.

Make sure to abide by the rules so you can enter them.

Make Everyone Download Venmo & Bring Cash

This is going to be the best way to pay back someone when money is owed.

More than likely you’ll be splitting some bills.

If you lose someone, check the clark county jail

Probably won’t be your proudest moment, but it happens.

Stock up on drinks from cvs and walgreens

This is much cheaper than the drinks in hotel rooms or at bars.

Pregaming doesn’t hurt.

Save some money.

Final Thoughts

If you need Vegas bachelor party ideas, we recently wrote a post on what to do.

Make sure to have fun in Vegas and stay safe.

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