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Drai's Beach Club


Toting a muli-level rooftop venue, world famous DJs and performers, Drai’s Beach Club is the top club of Las Vegas’s daytime circuit. On the roof of the Cromwell Hotel with breathtaking 360 degrees views of The Strip, Drai’s Beach Club is considered a leader of premier rooftop pool parties.

Partygoers at Drai’s Beach Club can expect luxury cabanas and bungalows in addition to top live performances such as DJ Pauly D and Saint Clair. Situated on the eleven story hotel building, the sights are bountiless in this desert oasis.

Guests can reserve bungalows, mezzanine grand cabanas, VIP day beds, or poolside daybeds.Two full-service bars are just one gem among The Drai’s 25,000 square footage of dance, swimming, and luxury.

Guests can also let loose on the slip-proof pool deck or relax in the daybeds under waving palm trees. The venue itself is a marvel of wall to wall glass and artwork, bespeaking of the near future.

There is plenty of space for every partygoer, since the Beach Club features seven glittering pools. Guests enjoy not only the many pools, but over seventy-five tables serving luxury bottle service. Guests enjoy the experience of a nightclub under the bright Vegas sun.

The Club offers both an individual and corporate event experience. The venue can hold up to four thousand people. The Club also features the latest technologies, including projecting branding on the state of the art glass artwork.

But more than anything, Drai’s Beach Club is about the experience. Partygoers kick up teal water as they dance. Beach balls bounce in time to the beat of renowned DJs. Champagne is sprayed across the roisterous scene. This experience is one of a kind.

The Beach Club’s towering heights give off an exclusive vibe. Experience-seekers can take pictures from any angle, since the Club offers a 360 degree view of the city.  The Instagrams often feature sleek swimsuits, famous celebrities, and enormous, stretching skylines. Pool-filled crowds are awash in a haze of smoke, neon lights and music.

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Drai’s Beach Club Hours

The pools are open at Drai’s Beach Club from 11am – 6am Friday to Sunday. Guests can also dip in for a night swim Thursdays from 10:30pm – 3am. Weekday pool parties also advertised regularly on Mondays through Fridays.

Drai’s Beach Club Guest List

Such a luxury experience can be costly, and cover charges and bottle service can add up quickly. Especially in the summer, being on the Guest List [here] at VegasBlackCard can be the only way to avoid cover charges or overbooked events.

As the city heats up, more and more visitors will look skywards to escape the desert heat while still experiencing all that Vegas has to offer. Adventurous partygoers can gain access through our inquiry forms [here].

Being on the Guest List saves special partygoers extra charges, both getting into the club and once they are in, they can enjoy a myriad of special deals. Guest List partiers will simply live in the moment, rather than stressing about lines or cover charges. Special guests can also dive straight into the pool by skipping admission lines. Along with the many events at Drai’s Beach Club, guests can appreciate the full package with VegasBlackCard, without the hassle of details.

Drai’s Beach Club Dress Code

Don’t show up to a pool party in a business suit. Partygoers should come to this rooftop pool wearing beach attire. Fashionable bathing suits are welcomed. Guests are encouraged to keep their selfie sticks and athletic bathings suits at home. The dress code is up to the management’s discretion, and is checked upon arrival.

Drai’s Beach Club Events

Partygoers come to Drai’s Beach Club to experience premier artists such as Pauly DJ, as well as live performances from Kittens, Ty Dolla Sign, and Migos. Artists featured on Drai’s Beach Club, and nightclub, also include the revered 50 Cent, 2 Chainz, DJ Esco, Nelly, Snoop Dogg, and Wiz Khalifa.

Blasting music from their stage, these famous artists look down upon a sea of pool-dipped partygoers. From the stage, visitors can dance on the slip-proof deck.  Just beyond, guests can take a dip in the many pools.

Streamers and the haze of colored smoke drift above the wave of dancing people. Waitresses offer bottle services to the many cabanas and poolside daybeds. Palm trees provide ample shade, and glass railings provide unobstructed views of the city below.

Pauly DJ’s Playground occurs frequently at Drai’s Beach Club, including a special Fourth of July event sponsored by Tito’s. With a 360 degree view of the glittering Las Vegas, spraying champagne, tossing beach balls, and plain good dancing,  guests can get down with this Jersey Shore superstar.


resident DJs

The coolest DJ in the world, DJ Esco is best known for his collaborations with Future, his energetic dance moves, and his ability to light up any venue and dance floor.

DJ Franzen has been making huge moves in the DJ world since the ‘90s. Not only a resident of Drai’s and Las Vegas’s Hot 97.5, Franzen is also the DJ for private parties for celebrities including Drake, Floyd Mayweather, Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, and more.

DJ Ross One began in Ohio but eventually became a fixture at New York’s best venues later on in his life. His unique sound caught the ears of artists like Prince, who invited him on tour to DJ his private parties. Now, Ross One is considered to be the top open format DJ in the country and travels nearly 200,000 milesper year.

Ever since getting his start in the 2000s, sourMILK has performed alongside some of the music industry’s biggest names like Ozzy Osbourne, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg, Rick Ross, and Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Drai’s Beach Club TripAdvisor

Experience-seekers can also utilize Drai’s Beach Club TripAdvisor to lock down special passes, luxury tables, and pool access before they even land in Vegas.

Not only can visitors enjoy convenient planning on the site, but they can also find extra tidbits from partygoers of Drai’s Beach Club past. Reviews are especially helpful to avoid any party fouls and heed any retrospective Vegas wisdom. Such precious information saves any visitor from making rookie Vegas mistakes.

Perusing Drai’s Beach Club TripAdvisor, potential visitors will enjoy personal testimonials and exciting narratives about memorable days and nights poolside atop the Cromwell.

Often, many stories detail the lasting friendships forged in the blue waters of this frontier pool club. Former visitors offer advice, stories, and pictures so guests can get an authentic view of the party. Photos from TripAdvisor are less curated than Instagram, but still boast a neon-bright daytime adventure. 

From the startling heights, spraying champagne, and the top beats, Drai’s Beach Club promises a once in a lifetime experience that only comes from top industry professionals. Any sensible partier will not want to miss out on this one of a kind party. Nowhere else can a guest escape the desert heat while also experiencing everything Vegas has to offer.

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