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Encore Beach Club


Only at Encore Beach Club can partygoers experience a Chainsmokers concert while basking in three-tiered pool complex. Submerged in teal waters, guests enjoy world-famous artists in the heart of The Strip. This exclusive experience is highly coveted as a one stop all Vegas destination.

Adventure-seekers at Encore Beach Club are showered under pagoda showers while dancing to the sharp beats of RL Grimes or Elephante. Lily pad water lounges are available for sun-soaking and drifting on the endlessly seeming, cerulean pool. 

Red-trimmed umbrellas offer shade for the daybeds. Guests stroll on the pool deck clutching colorful cocktails. Visitors can reserve daybeds, couches, indoor booths, poolside lounges, and even umbrella’d lounges in the pool itself.

Not only does Encore Beach Club host premier music parties, but it is also a sought-after destination for many celebrities. Even acclaimed swimmer Micheal Phelps has blessed the pool with his Olympic body. Encore has atmosphere. Partygoers and celebrities alike lounge on bright couches below a dangling patchwork of plants and embroidered pink decor.

The Encore Beach Club features three-tiered pools, allowing partygoers plenty of space to let loose. Walkways twist around the pools to the dance area between the DJ booth and the pools. The experience of the Encore Beach Club is that of nightlife, with the added bonus of the tanning Vegas sun.

Additionally, the Encore Beach Club hosts a nightswim every Friday and Saturday night. Waitresses wind around partygoers offering table service. Partygoers lounge on the many daybeds and lilypads.

The Encore Beach Club’s exclusive vibe is made possible by their impressive set life. Partygoers can listen to the likes of  the Chainsmokers, Diplo, Kygo, Alesso, Galantis, Major Lazer, Flosstradamus, and more. Not only that, but Encore Beach Club hosts three residencies for guests wanting a more underground taste. The Encore fosters both the artist and the listener.

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Encore beach club
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Encore Beach Club

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Encore Beach Club Hours

Encore Beach Club’s waters are open Friday through Sunday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Nightswim times go later, and vary based on the event.

Encore Beach Club Events

Events at Encore Beach Club include the the performances of Chainsmokers, Saymyname and Elephante.

Guests can listen, dance, and mingle under the DJ and performance booth, where there is a dance floor and gaming floor. Behind the performance center, guests can view an LED screen that accompanies the event. Winding between walkways, they can also party in the pools. More laid-back guests can lounge in the daybeds.

Encore Beach Club Dress Code

Don’t show up to a pool party in a ball gown. When dressing, think pool party. Partygoers should come to this rooftop pool wearing beach attire, expect to get soaked. Fashionable bathing suits are the norm.

Leave your street clothes.  and athletic bathings suits in the hotel room. The dress code gives the partygoer many liberties, as long the basics are covered. On-site management determines the appropriateness of a partygoers attire at their own discretion.

Encore Beach Club Guest List

A party at the Encore Beach Club is worth the expensive price tag, but costs can accumulate rapidly. The lowest price tag for a bottle of Vodka is seven-hundred. Such a luxury experience can be costly, and cover charges and bottle service can be a showstopper. Especially for the summer events, being on the Guest List [here] at VegasBlackCard can be the only way to avoid cover charges or luxury services.

As the desert heats up, more guests flying into Vegas will seek pool parties to enjoy all Vegas can offer while staying cool. It’s important to beat the rush. Exclusive partygoers can rev up their Vegas experience through our inquiry forms [here].

Being on the Guest List saves special partygoers the hassle of getting into exclusive events. Those on the guest list can also dive straight into the pool by skipping admission lines and avoiding cover charges. Guests can appreciate the full package with Vegas Black Card, gaining both ease and exclusivity during their adventure. Partygoers can enjoy the party without sweating the details, or sacrificing important factors.

Encore Beach Club Calendar

The Encore Beach Club hosts a colorful and vibrant calendar. Expect top performers to sound off every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday night. The Chainsmokers are a frequenter performer, along with Diplo. Wednesday hosts only a single performer during the night swim, ranging from Fisher to RL Grimes.

Right beside the Encore Beach Club is the XS Nightclub, open alongside the Encore’s glowing waters. The XS will feature Drake in September.

Weekends see a longer list of performers, starting from 3pm and ending at dusk or until the nightswim. Guests could start their Fridays with Kygo and end their night with RL Grimes. Each musical event requires their own ticket.


Encore Beach Club Instagram

The Encore Beach Club Instagram (@encorebeachclub) boasts a bright layout of DJs, packed venues, and water-misted partygoers. The Instagram also announces artists featured on the nightswim, special events, and more, allowing loyal fans to stay up-to-date on the club’s happenings.

Candids show off a packed outdoor parties under the club’s classic red and white color scheme. The Instagram also allows the viewer intimate glimpses of the artists behind the performance booth. Glimpse DJ Diesel, arms outstretched, amidst the factory of cables and LED lights.

In another gram, we see Dilion Francis putting on bright red earphones. In the next photograph, we see what the artist sees: waving hands, palm trees, fun. Before the artists, guests are sprayed with smoke, streamers, and champagne.

Black and white videos also give guests an aural taste of what is to come. Instagram stories paint a picture of twirling models, sunny skies, and bright waters, allowing the visitor a live play-by-play of life at Encore Beach Club. 

An adult waterpark full of eccentric decor, acclaimed musicians, alcohol, and luxury couches, the Encore Beach Club is the destination for your next Vegas trip. Enjoy an auditory adventure while also beating the heat at Encore.

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