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The Kaos Dayclub in Las Vegas, Nevada is one of the newest and biggest clubs to join the party scene in this iconic city.

This new club has taken the phrase ‘pool party’ and redefined it. Even though it is yet another club in one of the most famous party cities of the United States, Kaos has exceeded all expectations.

Located in the Palms Hotel, this pool party is multi-levelled and spans over 73,000 square feet of space. It holds roughly 5,000 people in an outdoor Greece-inspired venue, and due to a removable dome cover, it can operate all through the summer and the winter during the Friday through Saturday weekends, making it the only yearlong dayclub in Las Vegas.

One of its most impressive features is its centrally located sculpture, “Demon with Bowl” by Damien Hirst. It ties the pool party atmosphere perfectly to the Grecian-themed décor. The statue is roughly 65 feet tall and is set directly in the middle of all the daily festivities by sitting in the middle of one of the two main pools of the venue.

The party also features a spinning 360-degree DJ booth, something that is rarely found, but offers a unique feature to add to the pool party atmosphere. Many internationally acclaimed DJs and artists have already played at Kaos, even though it is still a fairly new party scene. The booth goes in between the indoor and outdoor venues, keeping the party going for all.

The Palms Hotel has also added the city’s largest LED wall that features live footage and pictures of the pool party. Even though it is not directly on The Strip, the Palms Hotel is close enough to give the partygoers a fantastic view of it, so they can admire how much more fun they are having over everyone else.

Kaos’s daytime pool party is groundbreaking and adds new features to a city that was already so. Let’s take a further look at their specific features they offer.

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Kaos Dayclub Dress Code

The dress code for this pool party is very exclusive in its requirements. A good rule of thumb to go by is to dress in your cutest swimsuit and sandals and hit the party. You want to look your best because this is a very social event, but you are going to a pool party—so dress like it.

No pants of any kind are allowed, and no shirts can have any rips or be cut off. Also, don’t wear a see-through bathing suit.

Kaos Dayclub Pools

As said, there are two main pools that are central in the outdoor venue for all of the regular daytime partygoers. Along the sides of the two pain pools are tinier side pools that help make sure the two main pools do not get too overcrowded.

Plus, rising from the middle of one of the main pools is the famous statue of the headless (and very fit) man that is Hirst’s “Demon with Bowl.” You are welcome to gaze and admire to your heart’s desire.

Kaos Dayclub Cabanas

In addition to their two main pools and little side pools off of those, Kaos offers an opportunity to enjoy swimming and partying in a more private manner via their many cabanas.

There is a total of 39 cabanas that are available for reservation. This makes Kaos not only one of the largest mega-clubs, but the one with the most pools.

Each cabana comes with their own private pools and endless service. They also come with their own audio and television systems as well as fans and misters to keep the heat at bay.

Insider tips say to book these as far as possible in advance, and be prepared to spend a good amount of money on them, because those are the spaces to be in if you want to seem cool. Plus, they provide some kinds of shade during the pool party to escape from the Vegas sun.

The pricing depends on the demand of the cabanas when you book it.

Kaos Las Vegas Events & DJs

Kaos Las Vegas brings entertainment like no other. Booking some of the largest artists and DJs, Kaos Las Vegas is sure to never let you down. No matter if you are partying during the day in the pool, or getting the Kaos nightlife experience – Kaos has a high profile artist for you to party too.

Kaos Dayclub Las Vegas Reservations

It’s obvious what you are thinking—this place is awesome! How do I get a reservation? It must be hard!

And you’re somewhat right. Kaos is relatively new and in high demand, but it is still possible. To ensure you have a great overall booking experience and get a great table service, book everything through Vegas Black Card, a luxury concierge service that will make your Vegas stay a comfortable and easy trip.

The Vegas Black Card will make sure you into this new, hot club without a fuss. They will offer a selection of dates to give you room to choose, but they do advise you book several months in advance to ensure plenty of wiggle room.

This service will make sure your reservation is everything you want it to be, so your overall Vegas experience does not disappoint.

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