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Marquee Dayclub Las Vegas

The Marquee dayclub in Las Vegas, Nevada is one of the most iconic pool and beach parties Las Vegas has to offer its party fans.

The city is well known for its fun-loving, high-speed, intense, and incomparable party scene. There are countless numbers of themed dayclubs, nightclubs, and casinos that add to the matchlessly flashy atmosphere in Vegas. There is no other city like it.

The Marquee Dayclub is one of those venues that epitomizes the Vegas experience via its pool parties. This club has been a staple of the Vegas experience for many years.

Located on the roof of one of the most famous hotels in Las Vegas, the daily Marquee pool parties allow the partygoers to look down upon the notorious main street of Sin City, also known as The Strip.  Some say it is one of the best day views in the city.

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The main part of the pool party takes place on the roof, and it covers about 22,000 square feet. There are two pools to swim in, numerous bars, and there is even a gaming room. The party is said to simulate a massive Spring Break beach party, only in a nice house without all of the annoying sand. 

To make your experience even better, you can always reserve one of the eight Grand Cabanas. Each private cabana area comes with its own private spa and infinity pool.

But even better than that, if you are planning to have a full weekend getaway at the Marquee, you can book one on the three-story Bungalow lofts at the Cosmopolitan. This would give you a deal that would include your living areas, butler services, and it would automatically book you a Grand Cabana with its pool and spa.

Marquee Dayclub Events

One of the most appealing aspects of this particular pool party are all of the events that happen. Of course, there are all of the normal daily events of the club, but there are always choice events that come up that are perfect for a day out.

There are always top-notch DJs hosting the pool parties during the days that keep the party exciting and fun, and there is no lacking of internationally acclaimed DJs hosting events as well to make the pool party turn into more of a beach concert.

Some of the top DJs of today like to play mostly at the Marquee during the summer because of its unique atmosphere. In addition to the DJs, there are plenty of live artists and entertainers that also appear at these parties to make them some of the best events of the summer.

The Marquee offers the possibility of booking private events in the venue. They offer bookings of just one singular room or a booking of the whole venue. This is great for bachelorette parties and such that allow you to have a great time without the hassle of a lot of people in one space.

Marquee Dayclub Reviews

The online reviews of the Marquee pool parties are outstanding. They average at around 4 stars on most ratings, and the comments paint them to have a great atmosphere.

Most comments describe Marquee as having some of the greatest pool parties in Las Vegas, which is a huge feat in a city that is known for these types of festivities. The entertainment and artists are usually a huge success and people love the extra aspects that are added to the parties during holidays and special events.

For those who have booked the cabanas, the ratings said the customers loved the privacy the tents offered for the partygoers.

Some comments did have some constructive criticism to add. Most complaints dealt with the long wait times and expense of the drinks and admission, which are understandable complaints, but this is nothing that you shouldn’t expect from a famous Las Vegas pool party.

The Marquee Dayclub is a well-known and consistent pool party in Las Vegas. Very few people that have attended the parties had bad things to say about the place, so if you’re looking for a tried and true Vegas experience, you should certainly check it out.

Want to Book a table?

Its simple, just reach out to us with the number of people in your party and an idea of where you to be in the action and we will take care of the rest! 

Marquee Dayclub Dress Code

The dress code for the Marquee is much like every other pool party in Vegas. Swimsuits only and no clothes. You should dress to impress, but in a swimsuit that offers appropriate coverage.

Marquee Dayclub Hours

The party space is open every day during the summer from 11A.M. – 6P.M. The biggest days are obviously the weekends, and that is typically when the bigger named DJs play, so it has more of the beach party atmosphere.

Marquee Dayclub Guest List

Marquee is in pretty high demand during the weekends. If you have not reserved one of the cabanas in advance, or gotten your name on the guest list, you will pretty much be out of luck in normal circumstances.

The wait times for those not on the guest list also vary depending on who is performing, and they can reach up to two hours. Your wait can also depend upon your gender, as women are usually granted more leniency than men.

But if you book your experience at Marquee through the VegasBlackCard, you can get the premium experience of being on the guest list and having a cabana. This is a luxury concierge service that makes sure your Las Vegas experience is well planned, with no additional stress left for you to deal with. We will handle all the bookings for you and ensure you have the time you pay for.

Essentially, booking through VegasBlackCard will get you one of the best experiences for the least amount of work on your part. We will make sure that, even while you are on the trip, you do not have to worry about the stresses of traveling and bookings.

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