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XS Nightswim

The most highlighted events of the season at the most successful club in Las Vegas are the XS pool parties every Sunday night in Summer. 

XS Nightswim offers you the choice between lavish bottle service on the dance floor or luxurious cabanas around a massive pool. It’s the epitome of Vegas night life in the warmer months.

Weekly events at XS Las Vegas include the famed Sunday Night Swim. Lines may be long but the wait is totally worth it. It’ll truly be a night you’ll never forget.

 What’s better than music, booze, dancing, and partying around a luxurious pool? Basically nothing, that’s what. Make your way over to this pool party and dive into your week with a splash.

XS Nightswim cont..

The season’s best DJs and hundreds of moving bodies will make this pool party a true one-of-a-kind experience. It’s the place to be at every Sunday from the start of May throughout the Summer months. 

We’re talking exotic drinks, exclusive cabanas, and sumptuous services- all to the tune of Hip-hop and Billboard favorites. All at your hands every Sunday from 10 p.m to 4 a.m.

XS Nightswim Calendar

XS is always swinging with new events and DJs to get guests hype and jamming for hours on end. The pool party’s calendar lasts throughout all the warmer Summer months. 

Partygoers can come here to swim both during the day and at night, all weekend long. You can expect in-demand DJs like Kygo, Diplo, The Chainsmokers, and more. These epic Night Swim pool parties are the headline events at XS and make for a pool season full of surprises.

XS Las Vegas Tickets

You can get tickets to any of the XS Las Vegas events by visiting their website or event calendar. It’s recommended to get presale tickets for these massive parties as they are known to sell out. 

XS Nightswim Dress Code

All clubgoers are invited to this lavish pool party, as long as their attire is appropriate. Dress code is enforced with little room for wavering. Party-goers are advised to wear swimsuits, tank tops, bikinis, cover-ups, shorts, and trunks. Permitted footwear includes sandals, wedges, and sneakers. Rules are pretty lenient on female attendees as long as the outfit is attractive.

Dress violations will result in denial of entry. Jerseys or sports attire, including basketball shorts, is prohibited. Men are not allowed to wear wife beaters and while females can’t wear transparent apparel. All private areas should be hidden from sight at all times. Lingerie and underwear cannot be worn in or out of the swimming pool.

The club also takes safety measures to confirm the identities of all pool party goes. No masks, hats, face paint, veils, or forms of obscurity can be worn. Guests dressed as security, police or in as other law enforcement will be denied entry. All armed ware, whether fake or real, is not permitted into this pool party. Ultimately, the manager will be in charge of deciding whether or not an outfit will be allowed.

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Want to Book a table?

Its simple, just reach out to us with the number of people in your party and an idea of where you to be in the action and we will take care of the rest! 

XS Nightswim Bottle Service

Reservations will always score you top notch service at the night club. You can choose your table location today to reserve a VIP host and skip to the front of all general admisson lines. 

Different locations, ranging from outdoor to owner’s table, can hold different amounts of guests and consequently cost different amounts. Prices start as low as $1000.00 for 6 guests.

You can buy a table, cabana, booth, tier, wall, or dance floor for your party. An outdoor table for a party of up to 6 guests ranges from $1000 to $1500. 

The largest option is the owner’s table which can hold up to 20 guests and ranges from $7,000 – $15,000. Dance floors start at $5000 and can hold up to 15 guests.

Most alcoholic bottles cost between five-hundred and fifty dollars and six-hundred twenty-five dollars. Expect a tax of 8 percent and gratuity of twenty percent. Entry level tables are generally placed on the patios and start at $2000.  

You can purchase tables in different areas of the club. Some options are the patio, main room, dance floor, or by the DJ booth.

A wide variety of alcohol is offered at this pool party, including top-quality flavors and blends from luxury brands like Rosé, Magnum, and Brut. Variant whiskeys are also offered such as Jack Daniels, famed fireballs, and Crown Royal. Generally 1 bottle is a safe bet for a party of six.

XS Nightswim Guest List

Go ahead and reserve yourself a spot for this massive pool party. Securing yourself a spot on this list brings along some pretty priveleges for the night.

 Everyone will get a reduced entrance fee with females getting in free, and males at a reduction or free depending on whether or not they’re attending with an even or greater ratio of ladies. Everyone gets to skip the general admission line.

 It’s completely free to sign up for a list, and once you do just show up at 10pm and check in. You can also reserve a private party for your group. You’re strongly encouraged to go early if you’re on a guest list as they close the list around 12 pm-1am.

When you do arrive, abide by the instructions in your confirmation email and text. Each pool party has a designated guest list check-in area. All you have to do is let them know that you are on the guest list under No Cover Nightclubs and they’ll check off your name.

Each pool party has the option to use their guest list differently but the same basic benefits almost always apply regardless.


XS Nightswim Lockers

Lockers are not offered for this pool party. You can choose to reserve a table where you and your group can leave your items. It isn’t encouraged to bring a lot of items along with you.

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