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What to Pack for Vegas

Packing for any trip can be stressful. Between TSA regulations and making sure everything is brought for the vacation. 

In this guide, we will be going over everything you need to pack for your Las Vegas trip.

What you need to bring to Las Vegas

Good Walking Shoes

The Vegas strip is 4.2 miles long. You are going to be walking a lot.

Make sure you bring walking shoes with you.

Don’t expect to go far with uncomfortable shoes.

Bathing Suit & Flip Flops

If you are going to hang out at the pool or any of the day clubs, this is a must.

Don’t leave these behind because you’ll have to purchase them when you land in Vegas.

Nice Outfits & Shoes

Clubs, Shows, & Restaurants all have distinct dress codes. You need to make sure you read up on them before showing up.

Bring your nice clothes and have some fun.

Btw, if you need help getting into the clubs or want to book a table, contact us today.

We can get you the best tables at the most exclusive clubs in Vegas.


The casinos can be chilly. Also, if you visit Vegas in the winter, it can be cold(It snows here).

Bring a jacket. If you have storage problems, where it on the plane.

Sunscreen & Chapstick

You are going to be in the middle of the desert. The climate is dry and humid.

Sunscreen & chapstick go a long way.


It can be bright during the day. If you want to see where some sunglasses

USB & Portable Charger

You might need to charge your phone on the go.

It doesn’t hurt to pack a portable charger.

Ear Plugs & Sleep Mask

Vegas can be noisy. You need your sleep.

Brining ear plugs and a portable charger is going to help you get that rest.


If you want to relax and just listen to some music, headphones help. 

They are also great on the plane if you want to block everyone out.

Water Bottle

It’s going to be important to stay hydrated especially in a desert climate.

Bringing a water bottle is going to save you money on purchasing water and will help keep you hydrated.


Pretty important to stay fresh while in Vegas. Don’t leave these behind.

Final Thoughts

Have fun in Vegas. Bring these items and your experience will improve.

While in town, if you need help with getting a table at a club or need VIP concierge services, message us. We will hook you up.

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